Update Battery Installation Tracker for the global December and full year 2022 results is available for download

What we do

Global EV Market Intelligence

EV-volumes is an independent research company that offers a consistent global source of facts for the electric vehicle market.

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Complete Market Understanding

We track the electric vehicle market from the batteries to the vehicle makers, to which countries the vehicles are sold and we forecast how they will be sold in the future

Sales Tracking

We are tracking monthly country sales by OEMs and Models. The data is for BEVs, PHEV, FCEVs, HEVs and MHEVs. The vehicle types are Passenger Cars, Light trucks, Light Commercial vehicles, Heavy Commercial Vehicles and Buses. Further, we are also tracking the total vehicle sales by countries, so that you can easily see how the share of xEVs are developing in different countries.

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We provide different types of forecasts; Annual totals by country until 2030, for BEV & PHEV, volume and market shares. For below 3.5t and above 3.5t. We are also providing BEV & PHEV sales forecasts by OEM & Model, until 2025, for both existing vehicles today, and also coming future vehicles. The OEM and Model Forecast also contains battery specifications so that you can see the battery demand in kWh by each OEM, Model or vehicle architecture over time.

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Battery Tracking

Using our detailed battery specifications on BEVs & PHEVs in combination with our sales data, we provide tracking of battery shipments in kWh by Cell Maker to OEMs & Models over time. We have data on the different Cell types, Cathode Chemistries and the Cell makers. You can even see to which countries the battery cells are being shipped.

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Additional Databases

In addition to the aforementioned databases and forecasts, we are also providing supportive databases to our tracking. Like the vehicle specifications and prices, future vehicles rollout calendar, National charging infrastructure stats and how the vehicle dealer inventory status is in different regions

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Fast Updates

Timely Insights

EV Volumes ensures clients receive regular updates. Our commitment to timely insights empower our clients to make data-driven decisions and adapt to the evolving EV market with agility.

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Reliable Data

Unmatched Accuracy

Our meticulous approach to research, analysis, and wide coverage ensures accurate, complete, and up-to-date databases, making EV Volumes the gold standard in reliable EV data.

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Trusted Source

Trusted Globally

EV Volumes delivers comprehensive EV market intelligence, trusted by industry professionals for our in-depth analysis, data integrity, and expertise in navigating the competitive landscape.

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“Once again I can see that you have the best EV volume data out there. I love playing around in your databases”

Martin Viecha, Head of Investor Relations

"We use EV Volumes data as input into our lithium demand calculations – the data is timely, granular, well-compiled and provides a level of detail that our forecasting and reporting requires"

Nancy Conception, Global Market Manager

“EV Volumes is a critical source if you want to keep your pulse on the industry. It provides me with the latest trends and developments in the EV space. The dataset is granular, insightful and easy to navigate”

Xinying Chia, Principal Analyst

We help clients across multiple sectors

We have 25+ years of experience and forecasting expertise. We know the opportunities and risks facing each and every company affected by the transition to electric vehicles.

  • Automotive

    OEMs and their suppliers subscribe to our forecasts, vehicle registration data and vehicle specifications. They gain benchmark insights on specifications and future portfolios, and identify future trends and their competitive potential.

  • Batteries & Materials

    Subscribers operating in the mining, refining, battery cell and component manufacture/supply sectors use our battery shipment tracker to identify the demand for raw materials. We track which battery suppliers deliver to which vehicles. They use our forecasts to create material projections, for decision support on future demand projections.

  • Transport & Mobility

    Electric vehicles have a huge impact on the cost of operating a fleet of vehicles anywhere in the world. Transportation and mobility companies use our data to observe how the market and technology is developing in order to support their investment and innovation plans.

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    Energy & Charging

    Utilities need country by country data: to project the future demand for kWhs , and to understand the installed base of potential plug-ins. Charging solution providers need this information, as well as an understanding of future vehicles, fleets, and their specifications.

  • Investors & Finance

    The finance sector relies on our registration data to monitor current investments, and uses our our forecasts to evaluate future investments. Financial institutions need  insight into short-term movements in the market due to delivery figures and into likely long-term trends.

  • Academy & NGO

    There are many academics researching the transition to electric vehicles, and they will find great value in our databases. We do also have several NGO research organizationsusing our data for many purposes.