We share a passion for EVs.

Finding the facts in this emerging, dynamic industry can be very time consuming, often impossible. And it is not likely to be your core business either. We made it ours and want to share our knowledge.

The go to source for xEV Market knowledge. We have been online since 2015, and are only planning to stop once the last battery electric vehicle has been made

Founded in 2015 by the founders Roland, Viktor and José during the sunset of an evening on roof top in Lisbon, Portugal. Our backgrounds were different, and we brought different experiences to the project, only sharing one; the EV passion. We started with tracking the data in 30 markets, where around 30 vehicles was selling, sharing the important statistics with the world. More databases and information was added over time and today we are tracking more than 100 markets and for 600 models. We expanded our team over time as the market grew, and are today 10 people at EV-volumes.

Global EV Market Intelligence

The go to source for all the facts and figures for the electric vehicle markets history and outlook

EV-volumes is a global data and information service for the electric vehicle sector. We provide a range of unique, high quality tracking data sets for EV sales, market penetration, battery shipments, charging infrastructure, current and future product offerings around the world.

Our forecasting services combine the facts and figures of EV-volumes with our expertise in other areas of the automotive sector. We support planning activities with market studies, policy monitoring, detailed vehicle forecasts, reports and insights. EV-volumes has become an acknowledged source inpublic media and is a frequent speaker on international conferences for future market trends in vehicle electrification. EV-volumes has three founders, Roland Irle, Jose Pontes and Viktor Irle, who are all working in the company. Following years of research and data collection, the service went online in December 2015.

Our clients are investors, EV CPOs, utilities, auto OEM, auto suppliers, battery makers, material miners and traders, consulting houses and universities.

We are based in Sweden and have dedicated associates in China, Japan, South Korea, France, UK and Portugal, plus a network of 50 contributors around the world. EV-volumes is today part of the Autovista Group.

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Meet the team

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Roland Irle

Founder & Forecasting Expert

About Roland

Accustomed with a 20 years career as a market and technology expert in the automotive industry at different OEMs, my passion and expertise in the market could be shared with anyone via EV-volumes.com. Access to high quality market facts is hard to find. The emerging EV market is very dynamic and interest in good statistics is growing, and EV-volumes is where I can share my knowledge, passion and expertise.

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José Pontes

Founder & Database Developer

About José

Being the best sales tracker of plug-in vehicle sales all over the world, EV-volumes is how I can benefit from my expertise: "When I started this, there were about 5 models on sale in 10 markets, now it's 600 models in more than 100 markets. It starts to become a full-time job". An immense community of readers and supporters regularly follows my blog and EV-volumes is the natural path in this growing work.

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Viktor Irle

Founder & Sales Director

About Viktor

Studying a M.Sc. in Management & Economics of Innovation from Chalmers University of Technology, analyzing emerging markets and market disruptions from new innovations is my expertise. Being passionate about automobiles and especially electric engines and clean technology, EV-volumes.com is the natural outcome of my set of skills. I am convinced the automotive future history is both electric and autonomous.

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Erik Karlsson

Market Analyst

About Erik

After graduating Industrial Engineering & Management, I started working within the EV industry, and then the aerospace industry, and today I am back in the EV industry, working with my collected expertise; databases!

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Nicolas Meilhan

Senior Advisor

About Nicolas

After graduating from MIT in 2003, Nicolas started his career as a structural engineer in the automotive industry, working on crash simulation and tests before moving in 2005 to management consulting in the automotive sector. Since 2018, Nicolas joined EV-Volumes.com as a senior advisor and publishes every month a 90-pages report tracking EV sales by country, type, brand and model and is our representative in France. Nicolas is in parallel working as a scientific advisor at France Stratégie since 2018, advising the French Government on topics of electrification of transportation and reducing CO2.

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Beejay Kim

Battery expert & East Asia representative

About Beejay

After graduating material science at Pusan National University Beejay Kim has worked in the LCD innovations in the tech industry in the early 2000s, where he got the interest for batteries, and later worked as a VP for a Battery Market Research & Consulting firm. Today Beejay provides consulting and represents EV-volumes in Korea & Japan

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Terry Zhao

China Representative

About Terry

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Tashfin Osmani

Data Sourcing Expert

About Tashfin

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Viktor Wilhelmsson

Web Developer

About Viktor

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Dulce Pontes

Data Analyst

About Dulce

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Josefin Eriksson

Finance Manager

About Josefin