Data Center Package

BEV, PHEV & FCEV Monthly Sales by Country, OEM & Model


About the Database

This database provides monthly sales data for battery electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles by country, OEM, and model.

It covers over 600 models and 116 countries, dating back to 2008 and provides valuable insights into the adoption and growth of the electric vehicle market.

  • OEM & Model-Specific Data

    Detailed analysis of sales data by OEM and model
  • Global Coverage

    In-depth understanding of sales trends across over 116 countries
  • Monthly Sales Figures

    Stay up to date with monthly sales figures for BEVs and PHEVs

Key Features



Customizable Filters

Filter sales data by OEM, brand, model, platform, segment, sales country, production country, propulsion type, battery kWh, cell suppliers, cathode chemistries, and more.


In-Depth Analysis

Use the data to benchmark your own sales and market share against competitors in the electric vehicle market.